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  • Cannes collar

    Cannes collar (HUNTER_7649_63302_63306_63310_63778_63786_63794_63802_still_16-lpr.jpg)

    Price including VAT: from 1 149 Kč

    Price without VAT: 950 Kč

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  • Champs Club soft treats

    Champs Club soft treats (letak-vis01b.jpg)

    Tasty soft treats for dogs, a cooked meat mixture based on pork and fish, pulverised beef greaves, hydrolised liver, brewer´s yeast and eggs. No added flavourings or conservants. Exclusively in just your friend... HUNTER.

    Price including VAT: from 399 Kč

    Price without VAT: 347 Kč

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  • Collar Cody Bison

    Collar Cody Bison (HUNTER_9757_65219_004_image_17-lpr.jpg)

    Collar Cody is a unique handmade piece, produced by masters in HUNTER´s plant in Bielefeld. Its great properties combine both perfect craftmanship and very rare bison leather, known for its distinctive appearance and suppleness. The collar is therefore very soft, warm and comfortable to wear.

    Price including VAT: from 1 749 Kč

    Price without VAT: 1 445 Kč

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  • Collar Sansibar Solid

    Collar Sansibar Solid (HUNTER_12005_66844_001_still_18-lpr.jpg)

    Luxury news from HUNTER? That is the Sansibar Solid collar! Soft and durable cow leather with sophisticated details such as a plugged end or brass fastening. Rounded edges for maximum comfort and convenience. The unique collar is also decorated with a leather keychain and a gold pendant with crossed swords.

    Price including VAT: from 1 075 Kč

    Price without VAT: 888 Kč

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  • Collar Swiss

    Collar Swiss (46162_Still.jpg)

    Price including VAT: from 1 210 Kč

    Price without VAT: 1 000 Kč

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  • Dog bar Atlanta

    Dog bar Atlanta (HUNTER_12340_66586_001_18-lpr.jpg)

    Stylish bar for medium and bigger dogs in minimalist style, allowing your dog to comfortably take water or food and maintain an upright position of the body. You can adjust the trays up to 45 cm with plastic stops.

    Price including VAT: from 1 619 Kč

    Price without VAT: 1 338 Kč

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  • Dog basket Graz

    Dog basket Graz (HUNTER_11323_65835_001_image_18-lpr.jpg)

    The sturdy, yet delicate and hand-knit Graz Basket is another innovation from HUNTER workshops. Its rustic look and subdued color combinations perfectly enhance your interlining and give your pet a perfectly quiet place to rest. The double-sided removable cushion has a zip for easy maintenance and is also coated with Bionic Finish C6 (prevents the absorption of dirt and moisture from the coat) and Silver Plus (prevents bacteria growth) for perfect hygiene and dog comfort.

    Price including VAT: from 2 699 Kč

    Price without VAT: 2 231 Kč

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  • Dog bowl Mogami

    Dog bowl Mogami (HUNTER_9652_65140_001_17-lpr.jpg)

    Design bowl Mogami with flowers and birds. Tasteful and gentle design. Melamine base made of removable stainless bowl.

    Price including VAT: from 419 Kč

    Price without VAT: 346 Kč

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  • Feeding bowl Colore

    Feeding bowl Colore (91362_Still.jpg)

    Price including VAT: from 339 Kč

    Price without VAT: 280 Kč

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  • Floating toy HAWI

    Floating toy HAWI (HUNTER_12478_65738_003_image_18-lpr.jpg)

    The perfect toy for summer time! HAWI dog toy floates, squeakes and has an attractive cotton rope for chewing. Great choice for fun in the water and on the coast as well. Enjoy the summer with your best friend.

    Price including VAT: from 269 Kč

    Price without VAT: 222 Kč

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  • Fox Windhuk

    Fox Windhuk (HUNTER_12427_65413_001_18-lpr.jpg)

    Playful and cheerful Fox from the soft material for your pet to play and cuddle.

    Price including VAT: from 459 Kč

    Price without VAT: 379 Kč

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  • Harness Hilo Comfort

    Harness Hilo Comfort (HUNTER_11514_66621_007_image_18-lpr.jpg)

    The Hilo Comfort harness is made of comfortable and light 3D mesh for maximum comfort in use. The kerchiefs are very soft and well attached to the body, fit slightly over the front paws and turn on the back. For greater safety and visibility, they are provided with reflective edges.

    Price including VAT: from 539 Kč

    Price without VAT: 445 Kč

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  • Power Cracker Hard dental sticks

    Power Cracker Hard dental sticks (cracker_hard.jpg)

    Tasty and healthy chewing treat for your happy dog. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Rock-hard for long chewing fun. Cleans teeth, neutralizes the mouth flora and reineralizes the enamel.

    Price including VAT: from 155 Kč

    Price without VAT: 135 Kč

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  • Shampoo Spa

    Shampoo Spa (65568.jpg)

    Spa shampoo Spa with shampoo bottle and rubber brush for better coat application and absorption. Rubber triple massage tips also massage the dog well. With this brush, you can create a pleasant wellness experience from the uncomfortable "bathing" issue. By pressing the button, the shampoo is applied directly to the coat, allowing for better dosing.

    Price including VAT: from 349 Kč

    Price without VAT: 288 Kč

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  • Shark Sansibar Rantum

    Shark Sansibar Rantum (HUNTER_11933_65660_001_17-lpr.jpg)

    The sturdy toy from the Sansibar Rantum collection will provide hours of entertainment to your dog thanks to the pulling rope and the sewing sandal for your dog.

    Price including VAT: from 399 Kč

    Price without VAT: 330 Kč

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  • Solid Education training collar

    Solid Education training collar (HUNTER_11976_66101_001_still_18-lpr.jpg)

    We are introducing you new masterpiece made in Germany by HUNTER. Solid Education training collar from oiled cow leather with stop-ring. The collar is incredibly soft and comfortable to touch. Knitting ensures even distribution of pull or market load. Rounded edges and perfect workmanship, thanks to which a minimum amount of seams is used in the collar, guarantees maximum comfort for your dog. Perfect collar for training and casual wear, which is the most practical but also stylish.

    Price including VAT: from 810 Kč

    Price without VAT: 669 Kč

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  • Treats Nature Wild boar

    Treats Nature Wild boar (65782.jpg)

    The healthy nature of meat bonuses from the wild boar, great as a snack in training and training a dog.

    Price including VAT: from 110 Kč

    Price without VAT: 96 Kč

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  • University dog sofa

    University dog sofa (HUNTER_962_61381_image_13_002-lpr.jpg)

    HUNTER´s favourite dog bed UNIVERSITY. So soft, comfortable, sturdy and stylish.

    Price including VAT: from 1 959 Kč

    Price without VAT: 1 619 Kč

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"My Chihuahua is quite spoiled, so she got to like her Hunter store, mainly goodies and fine clothes. The range of products is nice and the staff always very helpful."
Alena Marekovičová

"Your store is unique and communication excellent. Everyone always wants to know where we purchase such extraordinary collars. We have already done the Christmas shopping at Hunter:)"
Michaela Kovářová

"Hunter offers products of high-quality material as well as design. For our white Swiss shepherd I always choose distinctive collars and accessories. HUNTER, that’s the evident choice for us!"
Michala Holubová

"I have three Bostonian rascals who destroy everything. Since we have discovered the brand Hunter, destruction is just impossible because their products are really of high-quality. With Hunter my dogs relax in a beautiful bed, they eat from solid high-quality bowls, boast about their beautiful collars and enjoy healthy snacks. The Bostonians together with their mistress love and recommend Hunter. "
Pavla Drmelová

"Our director requires comfort, which bulldogs can acquire only in a bed. Arnošt is an expert and he says that the Hunter bed, which I got him, is 100 times better than the bed, which he must share with his parents!! He said that if I would dare to do the shopping somewhere else than at Hunter at Újezd, he would pack up his suitcases and move out."
Tereza Kozáková

"Perfect communication, high-quality stuff, we do the shopping very often :)"
Dominik Dorn

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